• First Amendment
  • Libel and Slander
  • Prior Restraint

READING:   Chapter 14 “Media Freedom, Regulation and Ethics”
QUIZ:   Chapter 14 Quiz on Blackboard

DISCUSSION:  A major new resort in Key West has just offered our newspaper’s travel editor a free, all-inclusive trip down to their resort to write a review about them to help build buzz about their new facility.  She’s a great writer who’s been with us for a long time and the resort has made it clear she is under no obligation to write a glowing review. She won’t quit if we don’t let her go, but she’s definitely earned it.  Should we let her go? How would our readers react if they knew the trip was paid for by the resort? How might this affect office morale? Will the other reporters be jealous? Pick a side and argue your point.

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