• Advent of Television–the Internet of it’s time
  • Mass Media scrambles to reinvent itself in the wake of TV
  • Imperfect ratings with big consequences

READING:   Chapter 8 “Television, Cable & Mobile Video”
QUIZ:   Chapter 8 Quiz on Blackboard

ASSIGNMENT 2:   A political action committee is lobbying congress to get stricter on television because they claim it’s all a “vast wasteland.’   Submit a 600 word report in which you evaluate a specific television experience you’ve had in regard to its redeeming elements so our CEO can argue that TV can have a positive effect on society when he appears in front of congress next week. Talk about a specific episode of a TV show and why it was was socially beneficial.   Do not speak generally about a whole TV series.   Cite specific examples from the show to make your point.

What about your TV experience was beneficial to society?   Why was it not all bad?   For example, “I watched the PBS program NOVA and learned about worm holes.   This type of film shows that television is NOT entirely a vast wasteland because…’   It should be a strong example of a show that is good for humanity, not just something that is not particularly terrible.   Just being funny is not good enough.   Making us laugh is good for humanity, but I need more than that.

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DISCUSSION:  Our TV News station is looking to hire a new anchor.  We have two choices, an attractive woman straight out of college or a veteran woman journalist who has great credibility but would generally be considered physically unattractive.  Which way should we go for the success of the division? Pick a side and argue your point.

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