Term Paper

We need you to write a 2000 word investigative report on a practice in the mass media that the general public is not aware of and would be appalled by.   Choose from a variety of topics or suggest your own on the discussion board.   Potential subjects include:

  • Investigate a specific advertorial in a newspaper or magazine and dig into who the author really is, how the ad is designed to mimic the rest of the periodical, etc.
  • Investigate product placement in a recent film or TV show and find out as much about the situation as you can, including how much the company paid to have the product in the film/show.

Do not do a paper on photoshopping cover models.   The general public is fully aware that this happens.   That story has been done to death.   You can do a story on other photomanipulation, but not on how cover models are modified to look unattainably beautiful.   If I have to read another story on that, I will claw my eyes out.

This assignment is due at midnight on UAF’s official end of regular classes–before finals begin.   That date can be found online on the UAF academic calendar for this semester.